2021-22 HIGHLIGHTS – PS 41 – The Greenwich Village School

INSECTS, an endless source of FASCINATION & JOY! 1-208’s Budding ENTOMOLOGISTS meticulously documented their observations!

We got to observe the entire life cycle of Darkling beetles; from egg to larva (mealworm) to pupa to adult. Other live specimen included ants, ladybugs, and Painted lady butterflies.

Students in 1-208 meticulously documented their observations.

We closely examined and wrote about collections of model insects and observed colonies of ants in their natural habitat, the school yard!

LARVAE LOVE! 1-208 Mealworm Whisperers

We have developed a newfound respect and appreciation for insects, the role they play in promoting clean air and in providing sustenance by way of aeration of the soil and pollination. We are humbled and honored to share the planet and thank them for the the wealth of resources they contribute.

One more highlight was our field trip to the main branch of the NYPL to see Peter Kuper’s extraordinary exhibit: INterSECTS. It was an immersive experience. Like stepping into a graphic novel! We even added our own Augmented Reality features! https://www.nypl.org/events/exhibitions/intersects

As part of our Restaurant Study, we looked at nutrition and how a rainbow of colored fruits & vegetables supplies a variety of vitamins and minerals.

We, also, wrote about our favorite foods and made menus for our dream restaurants.

Concrete/shaped and acrostic poetry inspired us to write poems about family, friends, nature, animals, snow, stars, kindness and equity.

Shel Silverstein inspired us to make our own POET TREE…