2022-2023 Highlights – PS 234 – The Independence School

Six to seven years ago, teaching the Science curriculum was a tranformational experience, a chance to act on the progressive education principles I had learned in grad school. DOING & MAKING! Everyday students were tasked with figuring things out by doing. Regrettably, the curriculum has taken a turn for the literary and each unit is founded only in 2-3 opportunities to experiment. Thankfully, I work with supportive administrators and have been able to alter and supplement the curriculum to reflect a more hands-on, laboratory-based approach and model.

The third grade Balancing Forces unit offered numerous opportunities to experiment with the physical principles underlying balance and motion: gravity, weight distribution and symmetry.

Chain reaction experiments offered opportunities to experiment with

cause and effect.

Magnets, like magic, captured and inspired students’ imaginations.

As part of the Energy Conversions unit, the 4th grade experimented with wind turbine design and concepts of efficiency.