Five Senses Adventure – Flavor Feast

 Participated in a workshop: Conveying Science Through the Arts, culminating in an outreach extravaganza @ the Dutchess County Fair. With gratitude & thanks to the good people @ Guerilla Science and the NY Academy of Sciences.

The two themes:

Flavor Feast, introducing participants to experiments demonstrating how our sense of taste is dependent upon all of our senses and how the brain processes info from the senses and puts it together to form a complete flavor profile/experience.

And, Entomophatron, a 50’s style diner serving up, you guessed it: BUGS! In this day and age of fast-becoming compromised resources, we are looking to insects as a sustainable alternative to conventional sources of protein.

My contributions:

For an enhanced experience, including interactives, videos and animations, upload any (free) QR code app and scan the codes below.

Flavor Feast INTRO


                              TASTE NOVA video            TASTE Neuro video

Test your color vision                                                                                                            Experience what it’s like to be colorblind (temporarily!)                                                    Experience how your DOG sees!

                         Flavor Feast SIGHT     TASTE link

Taste Receptor Map


Our tongues have receptors in different regions dedicated to detecting different types of tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, savory (umami) and, some say, fat!